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Mandvi (Surat)

Mandvi is a town located in the Mandvi tehsil of Surat District, Gujarat state, India and lies on the banks of the Tapti River. It is around 61 kilometres (38 mi) east of Surat.

Mandvi is situated at an altitude of 50 meters and 113 km (Arial distance) from sea coast. The town is connected to surrounding towns by Roads. There are three State highways passing through the city. The average annual rain fall for the area is 67 inches.

Mandvi an ancient town was once a State of King Bhil with its capital at Pipalwada. Mandvi was predominantly tribal area. After independence, Mandvi became an integral part of old Bombay State. When Bombay State was bifurcated, this area came under newly formed Gujarat. Town Mandvi is well known for the art of Carpentry, Blacksmith work and handloom based village industry. In Mandvi Residential land use pattern is predominated in the inner part of city. Commercial land use is broadly mixed type and it has mainly retails shop and general groceries stores. The town can be divided in two parts. Left side part can be considered developing area and right side part is undeveloped when we do a relative study with the local development scene. On other part of the town area slum area, agriculture land, waste land and hilly area are present.